Friday, 14 December 2012

Historical Fair In Peterborough

 I nipped into town this afternoon as I was looking for a few small Christmas presents some of which I found but I was quite surprised to find an event on the Cathederal grounds.  Peterborough has just as much history under the streets as York if not more. We have a beautiful Cathederal and I have thought for sometime that we needed an event through the town and in the Cathederal grounds like the Christmas Market in Lincoln.  I came upon it by chance I had not seen any advertising for it and I am local.  So if I missed it quite a lot of other people have.  I had a quick wander round and everyone was in costume and there were lots of old traditional crafts as well. I must say I was very taken with it.  The event started Thursday night and is on until Sunday afternoon at 4.30 p.m..  Tonight and tomorrow night the event will be open until 9 pm at night with various things going on throughout the day within the Cathederal grounds.  I believe also that there are events situated around the museum.  So go on if you are Peterborough over the weekend pop in to give them some support.  Further details on the attached link

Thank you


Here are some of the photos I took this afternoon with my mobile when it was pelting down with rain

Within the Cathederal grounds

Here's a better shot; the stalls and their holders were all smartly dressed in period costume and there were lots of different stalls including a herbalist, a carvery, how to strike your own coinage, helmets and battle dress gentleman in soldiers uniforms.  Most people do not realise that the stone gateway off the main square in Peterborough between Bridge Street and the Queensgate Centre leads you straight into the Cathederal Grounds.

The festive lighting by night in Cathederal Square in front of the Guildhall

A further photo of the Cathederal stalls

Bridge Street Christmas Lighting


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