Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Full day of 2012

Well we are officially into the last full day of 2012.  It is cold here but not as cold as it has been but the wind is howling her head off and making wooden fences swing in her long exhales attempting to blow the flimsy panels into oblivion.  It is quiet in the house; the cats are asleep never far from me cosy and warm OH is upstairs fast asleep with Missy.  OH is working tomorrow and I am awaiting on the tumble drier drying his work clothes.  They will not be long and then I can put them to air.

However whilst I am on my own it is  time to let my mind wander to look back on the past year which in parts has been very good although the drout then the torrential rain and its impact on our growing season has been quite immense and impacted on us all indirectly.  All  of us are suffering from the lack of sun as it does our bones good.  It gives us vitamin D although we do not need over exposure to her rays we do need her warmth for other benefits.  It is always for me a contemplative time to look fondly back to the past from the present knowing that change is coming in and wondering whether she will be as friendly to us as the past year has been.  Change is inevitable we all need to move onwards otherwise things become stale.

I consider myself very blessed and lucky in the greater scheme of things for many reasons.  As one door closes another one always opens leading us to pastures new.  We just have to learn to go with the flow rather than trying to dictate and negotiate how things should happen.  Things happen for a reaso and how they happen is always important to.  Sometimes the way things happen can be better for us in the long run rather than the way we had hoped things would happen. 

In any event whatever happens to us  is not the pivotal point - the main event its how we cope with things and make the best of  our situations.  We have to be positive and deal with what we have rather than that we do not have and we often gain more strength and satisfaction by dealing with things this way round.  It makes you a more rounded person and able to deal with anything and everything.  Real life is often stranger than fiction but it is how we deal with things that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Have a lovely day




  1. Hope the New Year is a good and kind one ... amd brings a few things that make you laugh xx

  2. Happy New Year Pattypan. Keep up the great blogs. Love Linda xx

  3. Happy New Year, hope its is a blessed and healthy one. Kind Regards Heather


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