Sunday, 9 December 2012


Its a bit like playing sardines here at themoment.  We have the Christmas decoration boxes in just and this morning have been to get a new TV stand for the television; which OH promptly built up; as a knock on with that we have had all the cables out from under the TV cleaned them and retied them; I have polished the Video and DVD shelfs behind and sorted out everything tickety booh. It looks quite smart.  I will have to put some of the brass and copper ornaments out of the way as with the new TV stand it has taken up more room than I anticipated.  We are having to move very gingerly and carefully.    Hopefully it should look nice once I have finished. 

Have just stopped for a tea break am hoping to get the lounge completely finished tonight and then another night I can start on the Christmas tree and decorations.  Will post piccies when all that is sorted out. Fortunately I sorted the bookshelves out the other evening.  That is the front door out of use now until the Christmas decorations go back.  The front door leads straight into the front room but I put the Christmas tree there every year (it is only a small room) but comfy.

Right better get a wriggle on hopefully be able to pop back later on.  Very cold bright but windy here.

Catch you later



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