Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Evening Round up

Well that's all the brass cleaned for the lounge.  Still have a load to go through for the dining room.  £3 a tin of Brasso sacrilege.  I have problems with my hands in that I cannot grip or hold anything for too long and if I am continually scrubbing at things it hurts my hands.  I have found that Brasso is the best for cleaning all my ornaments what I do is put it on with tissue rub it in well until it is going  black then take off any excess with another cloth.  Tonight I have used a couple of microfibre cloths I had to finish it off and I am extremely pleased with the results. 

The lounge itself is more or less done apart from the carpet which will get cleaned tomorrow night after I come home later on.  I am going to a friends tomorrow evening which I am quite looking forward to so it will be a bit of a rush when I get in tomorrow, but hey its that time of year.

Then once the carpet is done it is just the cushion covers to be washed and the lounge is nice and clean again.  Then I can start on the Christmas decorations the nice bit.  Then I can close the lounge off to keep it nice and tidy.

Then I can get on with the rest of the house!  No peace for the wicked.

I am back to work tomorrow so happy days - only four and then I am back here to carry on with getting everything sorted for Chrimbo.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

Hopefully catch up Shortly

Love and Light




  1. I just spent a lovely half hour catching up with your posts. This is a terribly busy time of year for all of us. Our decorations are up and will have to come down all too soon. I wish you all the best finding your ornaments. Ours are kept in a storage unit and it's quite the trick finding them every year. Best wishes!

  2. Hi Barb

    Seasons greetings I still haven't located the decorations but I am pretty sure they are somewhere in the back bedroom. Hope you have your decorations to hand now

    Take care




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