Friday, 4 January 2013

A Welcome, Animals and the January blues

Welcome to Jay of My Family and Other Cricketers 

Make yourself comfortable grab that mug of tea and have a good mosey round I hope you find something that takes your interest.

Its dark here in Peterborough; the moon was still in the sky when I let Demetri out for his morning wander into the darkness and stillness prevalent at this time of year.  He was a little unsure this morning preferring to hog my company before finally deciding that he wanted out.  Whether he comes back again before I leave the building will be another matter but he will be out all day otherwise.  Yesterday he came home and spent the day asleep with the others before I left.

I had just got the door shut and was making tea for myself and our dog Missy (Jack Russell) [she loves a cup of tea in the morning] when Squeak started squawking she wanted out also.  All of my animals past and present have always been extremely vocal and all have come to the whistle.  The neighbour laughs his head off when I start whistling them as you get animals coming from all directions well at least we did as at one time I had five cats and Missy.  Squeak usually comes when whistled; Demetri comes in if he hears or wants to snuggle .  Missy gets walked early and OH does not like walking her in the dark at this time of year but she gets a good run each day and is in a good routine.

I am a little off colour not firing on all pistons at the moment and I absolutely hate it.  Its as though another personality overshadows me completely; a totally alien personality to my normal demeanour which I find terrible to cope with. Irritatingly to a lot of people I am normally very happy go lucky and tend to be very positive but when like this I tend to go quiet and go into myself which I am not sure is always a good thing either.  Perhaps I am over analysing.   As Churchill called it "the black dog".  I tend to keep to myself when I am like this as I do not wish to inflict what I am experiencing on anyone else and I tend to "snap" when in this kind of mood so apologies all round  - I just don't like it when I am like this.  Its annoying and fortunately does not happen very often and is often a reaction to constant pain, constant wet or people just getting me down.  My partner is bipolar and sometimes things get a bit difficult there as well.

I tend to feel vulnerable too and not worthy enough or good enough when going through these episodes.  I am very lucky in the greater scheme of things, my problems are fleeting compared to a lot of other people and  are put into perspective by others problems and although irritating to me are not a terrible problem a pain in the bum yes. One thing I do do is slow up a little when I am like this and try and be kinder and gentler to myself so if I need a sit down I take it etc.   I thought in an effort to try and break this cycle if I tried to talk about it a little (something I am not too good at either) it might help try and break this vicious cycle which really does get me down).  I can go many months without an episode and  I know I am not the only one.  Do you get the January blues and what self-help strategies do you employ to overcome them.  I would love to hear how you cope and what mechanisms you employ.  One thing that women do is talk - they try and overcome problems they are experiencing by talking and by learning from other peoples experience; talking in itself is a release mechanism.

Right must dash will try and catch up later.

Have a good day and if things are not so good  take time to breathe and be gentle on yourself.  Tomorrow will be another day a fresh page to fill.

Catch up later




  1. I'm sorry that you are feeling down Tricia, I'm sure that all the grey skies are responsible for a good deal of it. Also maybe the fact that Christmas didn't go as you'd planned? You have very high expectations for yourself and I wonder whether, instead of making long lists of things to do and make, you were to list perhaps three things to accomplish each week. You only list those three things on Sunday evening and you have every chance of achieving them, it might read : craft project ( do 3 inches or 2 squares or whatever on a crochet throw ) make lemon curd and if fine do weeding in bed by back door or if wet make 2 batches of orange wine. You can then mark these things off your master list and feel as though you're getting somewhere. If you have time and inclination you can do other things too but the key is not to overwhelm yourself. An evening spent reading or just resting will do you good as well. Hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Hi Rowan

    I hear what you are saying but with me working full time any time I have is at a premium otherwise I am working full stop and as the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Some of what I actually do most people would class as work but I actually enjoy this - preserving and cooking is one of my hobbies as is reading and crafting. There is always something in the go. However I do take your point about not overwhelming myself which I think perhaps you are accurate on. One of the problems I have is that with time being like gold dust I usually set time aside in bulk to tackle jobs like this; sometimes they are accomplished and sometimes they are carried over. Thank you for taking the time to care




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