Saturday, 19 January 2013

Breach Orange Vodka

I have been and bought some Seville Oranges today and I intend to have a few more when they restock I took the last of a box today.  However marmalade is in store for this batch and also the Vin D'Orange that I have written about previously.

However I have been browsing  and have come across this new recipe  to me and which I intend to have a go at shortly.  My argument is if you have a recipe and keep it safely you are creating your own Treasury of Recipes.  This recipe  is from a book called Pru's New Country Kitchen by Pru Coats.  Its something slightly different to do with Seville Oranges.  I just need to get the Vodka at the right price.  I might also freeze the Seville Oranges whole so I can make this later on in the year.

4 Seville Oranges
4 lemons
4 pints vodka
1 1/2lb cane sugar

Peel the oranges and lemons very thinly taking care not to leave any pith on the zest. Place the zest into a 4 pint jar.  Add the sugar and the vodka and cork tightly.  Leave for at least three months in a dark cupboard, shaking occasionally to dissolve the sugar.  Strain and pour into clean bottles. 

Never tried it before but I do love orange flavoured liqueurs (I have made Orange Brandy before and that is equally nice) so I am looking forward to making this one.

Catch you later on



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