Friday, 18 January 2013

Evening Peeps

Oh what a busy week in an out like a fiddlers elbow - have been here there and everywhere.

Tonight I have been to the works Christmas party together with a live band and lovely food.  Bit noisy but then again it always is with a live band.  However getting to the party was another matter all together.

OH was not available to take me so I arranged to come home get washed and changed and then would go back to the pub where the private party was to be for 6:30 pm.  I booked a taxi just after lunch to come and fetch me at work for 5:30 pm they took the booking and I also made a further booking for 18.10 pm to go back to the venue. I was out dead on the dot  - it was snowing prolifically (yes we have plenty of the white stuff) No taxi - so I rang back and was told they hadn't got anyone to cover - so I asked about the later one and he was umming and arghing about that as well (so they would have just left me standing there waiting in the cold).  So I cancelled them and walked home. I got in half an hour later walking through deep snow had ten minutes at home, got washed and changed and then straight out again.  Managed to fuss the pooch and get Demetri in (he had been out all day he does not like the white stuff) and he nipped in pretty smartish.  I have to say that now I am a little more than cream crackered and I think I will be having a lay in tomorrow morning.

No doubt we will have loads more snow overnight - the sky looks full of it -  it will be slippy as well as it is freezing and underneath the snow is wet snow it will be more like a skating rink.

Take care wherever you are and keep safe and warm.

Catch up soon am off to get some shuteye



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