Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Night Catch Up

Lets start with yesterday; I had another lay in and then started with the housework and pottering in the kitchen tidying, washing, drying getting clothes ready for work; watching a little tv here and there and cooking tea.  We had roast chicken last night with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and then mixed roast vegetables (red onion, sweet potato, squash, roast potato and parsnip) and it went down very well too with this cold weather we are having and the snow.  I then had home made Tarte Tatin for pudding and it all went down very well.  We had a late tea due to my potterings, and morning of the new day soon comes round.  The snow always makes everything so quiet.  I was awake at 6 am but did not officially rise until 7 am when I was greeted by Squeak trying to move in on me and missing sitting on me.  After the animals were fed I nipped out to put some bird seed and some bread out for the birds on the lower roof as they certainly would not have found anything to eat in the garden.  There was a bit of a caffuffle going on so I assume they found it.  We have to do what we can to help the wildlife.

OH walked Missy she always gets a long walk in a morning and they came upon two foxes together who puffed themselves up and headed straight for Missy.  She thought they were playing OH not so sure so he saw them off scooped her up and bought her back home.  One never knows after all foxes are lovely looking creatures but after all they are wild creatures and they kill just for the sake of it.

The snow had fallen even thicker than it had last night and it always muffles any outside sound and it is always eerily quiet when we have snow.

It was  heavy work trudging through the snow and slippery but I got there in the end.  I should have been out this evening at my friend'shome but she lives in the middle of nowhere in Lincolnshire and the roads were not clear so it was put off until the weather gets a little better.

We have had the remains of yesterdays Sunday lunch for tea tonight and I have prepared a stew for Wednesday's nights tea.  Tomorrow night we have soup, and then chicken and chips.  So that it as quick tea sorted for tomorrow night and I have to sort my bedroom tomorrow night so a busy day ahead and evening.

Right upwards and onwards have to get ready for tomorrow

Take care keep safe and keep warm

Catch you soon



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