Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Morning peace and quiet

That quiet period after OH goes to work he leaves early.  I then have the menagerie to feed, let animals out and feed the birds.  Then its time for me for a little while at least whilst I get myself a nice hot cup of tea (Missy joins me) and then I gradually come too in readiness for the new day.  I am not really a morning person I tend to be more of an owl but I do welcome the time on my own to compose myself and get things in perspective for the new day.

I can hear the blackbird calling he has located the food and is kicking up a right chattering.  Becuase of the cats I use the lower roof over the bathroon to feed the birds as it is safer for them and the back garden is full of snow and no place for them to feed from.  We do not see many sparrows these days I tend to get Magpies, pigeons, crows blackbirds but rarely see the smaller birds although I have feeders out for them.  I have also left some warm water out as well.

Will not be long before I have to trudge my way in  to work.; although we do not appear to have had any more snow it is extremely chilly out there.  When Geoff walked Missy this morning he said the car temperature gauge was registering minus 5.   no sign of the foxes this morning but apparently he went over on the ice a bit of an ouch moment there me thinks. Yesterday I walked in my weklies with two pairs of socks and then changed into my fur lined boots when I got to work.  Boy were my feet cold in the wellies; but the wellies have a better grip on them.

I can now hear the occasional car go by it sounds as if the road is clearer than it was.  Yesterday when I went into town it was like a ghost town with hardly anyone about.

Right am off to get my porridge and get myself together for work.

Hopefully catch up with you later on.

Love and light



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