Sunday, 6 January 2013


We woke to thick fog, swirling and draping everything in sight; making everything ethereal and not of this world.  It has been a grey day generally since then even though the fog has cleared the sun has not found us today and it has felt damp and indeed the paths and roads are wet and greasy.  It has been a quiet day and we are having a later tea; minted lamb chops, mashed potato, peas, brussels, carrots cauliflower and broccoli with roast taties and parsnips.   I cook the chops in a little water (for the gravy and add some extra mint jelly to the water, and some white pepper and put under a hood of foil so that the chops cook gently at Gas mark 4 half way through cooking I take the foil lid off and then let the chops brown.  I haven't cooked for a few days and the veggies needed using up and on a Sunday normally speaking we do have more veggies than during the rest of the week.  I also cook more than I need as it is nearly always used up either with a duplicate meal the following day if it is a roast but otherwise into bubble and squeak cakes or popped into a soup.  That is being followed by a mixed fruit coulis, meringues and cream.  Bit naughty but I fancied a pud of some sort.   I have also prepared the cauliflower and the Broccoli for the freezer; finished off the cranberry and apple jelly although had a bit of  a panic earlier on as could not find the pan for my kitchen scales OH had hidden them and I needed them for weighing out the sugar.  (will report back later on once this has all cooled down and time permitting).

 I am out tomorrow night and also on Tuesday night but then it will be back into the kitchen come Wednesday to do some more work so if I am able to pop on in the meantime I will do

Hope everyone is keeping well

Catch you soon



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