Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thought for the Day

I have come to the conclusion that its very easy to moan about things - words come cheap they roll off the tongue.  But to listen and/or do something about it takes a lot more gumption.  I like that word that also rolls off the tongue!   A good old fashioned word the sort that my grandparents used to use.  Instead of letting situations get you down don't get mad get even and try digging yourself out of the mire and/or a situation.  Take control instead of just accepting things as is.  In reality this  can take a lot of time but if you split it down into bite sized chunks you can eventually get the better of things.  So it might take several attacks but its not necessarily unreachable just needs concerted effort.

We are in reality sometimes the author of our own misfortunes without realising it.  If we are having a bad day we don't always think straight its easy to moan about something - heck I am guilty of this but I am trying to watch my step.  Why, well moaning dips your mood and lets negativity in.   Equally when you are positive about something it attracts more positivity into our lives.

 When I get down I try and think from the perspective  that my  glass is half full rather than the glass being half empty. I also try and look for good things that have happened that day - they might be mundane and boring rather being the excitement that you crave. Doing something for someone that makes them feel good about themselves and takes them away from their own situation just for a little while is probably one of the most precious gifts you can give to someone; as you are giving something of yourself with unconditional love which in turn  unleashes further positivity and really does give you a buzz.   Now that you cannot bottle but making other people happy now that shows pure intent.

So in the words of the song "Dont worry be happy".

Hope your days are full of love and light

Catch you soon I am off to warm my tootsies up they are freezing.



So instead of bemoaning the fact that this or that has happened give thanks for all those blessings already available to you and appreciate what you really do have on an every day basis

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  1. What sensible words Trishia :o) We should ALL take them to heart.
    Rose H


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