Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to everyone.  There's nothing like spreading a little bit of the love word about.

It has passed in its usual fashion today unmarked but hey thats all part and parcel.  With OH and myself having been poorlies (he is still not well) and because it affected our taste buds I decided to go to a certain M & S and blew a little money on their £20 meal for two with trimmings. However I spent a little more on some extra veg as I am keen on plenty of veggies - we eat meat but not excessively big pieces.  It made a real change to spend a little money instead of keeping to budget. So today I bought for starters Orkney Crab Gratin for two which was absolutely delicious; we then ad 28 day old rump steak with a peppercorn sauce not big pieces, new potatoes a bag of mixed veggies, some stringed beans and carrot and swede mash together with some fried onions, followed by a hot chocolate and raspberry pudding served with some cream.

I for one really enjoyed the meal it has pepped up my taste buds and there are still the chocolates and wine to go.  I think we will save them for another day.  It seems to have done OH some good as well despite complaining he was not hungry he finished the lot.  That to me speaks volumes.

It has been lovely for a treat.  I am going to have a rootle through the freezer in a bit to see if I can find something nice for tomorrow night's tea.  Might be something simple tomorrow after blowing out today.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines Evening wherever you may be.

Take care

Catch up soon


P.S.  Thank you for all your lovely comments and also welcome to two new ladies



  1. It's worth splashing out now and then and it would have cost about 3 times that eating out.The important thing was that you both enjoyed it and you had a nice Valantines Day.

  2. So pleased you are feeling better - hope your dear OH will too.
    Sounds a delightful meal :o) We usually eat out on Thursday evening but went out on Wednesday instead as we hate to be ripped off with the inflated prices on Valentines day. I was well and truly cream crackered though after a hard day so we celebrated with good old fish 'n chips from the chippy!
    Enjoy your wine and chocolates ;o)

    Rose H


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