Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, I am okay although I have been very poorly and have been off work all week.  I ended up with the flu which has been a bit of a nightmare on top of which I have sustained a chest infection which I tried to get to see the Doctor about last Wednesday but could not get an appointment at the Surgery. However managed to get to see the Doctor on Thursday and I have been prescribed three 500mg Amoxicillin tablets a day 1 x 1 three times a day and I have started to feel a lot more comfortable although am still full of cold. The crippler has been the hacking cough that has gone alongside this bug as you end up being so sore on the inside with the constant coughing. I have also had the aches and pains and temperature fluctuations and just wanting to sleep and sleep.  Unfortunately I have also managed to share it with the OH who is a good few days behind me on this.  We haven't eaten very much either as this seems to have affected our taste buds so everything tastes strange or not right.  But there we are these things are sent to try us.  I have made French Onion soup with garlic that helped soothe my throat, plenty of oranges, curry to help sweat things out, hot ribena, Hot Toddys, Elderberry Rob, anything to keep my throat moist, and to stop another coughing fit.

I am slowly on the road to recovery and feel an awful lot better than I did earlier on in the week it has been a real stinker which I would not wish on my worst enemy.  The weather during the past few days has been a little brighter a bit more spring like and at least we have heating now which makes all the difference.

A week last Thursday the manufacturers representative turned our boiler off as it was at risk of exploding because it was noisy.  It had been making this noise for quite some time when the boiler was switched on but hey what do we know and our own serviceman was not unduly worried about it.  He was furious when he found out they had switched it off. They did not have a spare part in stock and so sent to Italy for it.   So not only have we had the cold but have had no heating apart from one small electric fire which I have used to keep the lounge warm and where OH and the cats and Missy have all piled in to keep warm and it has been perishing.  Even the hot water bottles have been in regular use to try and keep me warm.

They have since been put in the new part and guess what the boiler is still making the same noise.  Guess what I was told by the serviceman as he left after fitting the part - its an odd foible of our boiler that it makes this noise (more like he doesn't know whats causing in) but it appears that this noise the same one it has always made  is now not dangerous.  But hey  I don't care its good to be warm.

I am hoping to return to work on Monday morning.

Hope everyone else is doing nicely and looking after themselves.

Catch up soon




  1. Hi Pattypan
    It's a real stinker of a virus isn't it - I had it before Xmas and like you shared it, with the family - my hubby had a bad eye with it, my Mom had a bad ear and other people I know have had chest infections too, so take care of yourself xxx

  2. Sorry to learn you have been poorly, Get well soon,Lindaxx

  3. I wondered where you were, glad to read you are feeling a lot better.
    With fingers crossed - I have been very lucky, not one bug so far this Winter.

  4. I'm so sorry to read that you and your OH have been suffering with this dreadful bug Trishia..sounds like the same little blighter we all had over Xmas :o( Please DON'T be in a rush to get back to work, make sure you are recovered as I know just how lowering it is. I've still no sense of smell at all and like you my taste has been affected. I asked the doctor last week about loss of smell (alarming when you realise that you cannot smell badly burnt toast!)but he seemed unconcerned and said it'll take some time to return.
    What a curfuffle over your noisy boiler! There's never a good time to be without heat, but especially when you are so poorly - thank goodness you have heat again now.
    Keep snuggled up and I sincerely hope you are recovered SOON.
    Rose H


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