Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tea for Two and Sunday musings

It has been bitterly cold here today again and we ran out of gas, but have now topped it up and everything is lovely and warm in the house again; the cats are curled up snug and warm.

Today I have not cooked and for a change we have had a simple tea for two consisting of ham and salad buns, some crisps, crumpets, meringue strawberries and cream and some cake oh and lashings of tea and it has been simple, unfussy and to be honest made a lovely change a blast from the past if you like and I really enjoyed it.

Because of work commitments and wanting to get the most out of the weekend we still eat at the weekend at night, carrying on the timetable like it is during the rest of the weak. Having proper high tea this afternoon bought back memories of the routine we used to follow as children in  that on a Sunday we would have roast dinner at mid-day followed by high tea later on a rhythm a routine part of the cycle of life.  Part of that cycle of life was that Sunday was special the only thing that was cooked on the Sunday was the roast dinner and the accompanying veggies; the baking everything else was prepared during the course of the week or on Saturday.  

I sometimes think that we have lost something special with our way of life now we have too many options  and so the little time; and the more options you are shown the more you want.  Really we need to seek balance and moderation in reality we cannot have everything but equally we have to make the best of what we do have. Less money breeds creativity as you come up with solutions to fill a gap or a need/purpose; just because you cannot afford something does not mean you have to go without there are other methods and often quite a bit cheaper than that item you "must have".  When you work home made pieces you put some of yourself into them no matter the quality of your work.  I was lucky being born into a family that has always valued practical skills and also academic skills (on both sides of the family); but I was lucky that I was taught cooking and needlecraft at school too.  They should never have got rid of the lessons as not everyone is academically minded both types of skills are needed at the end of the day not just the acadamic and both skills should be valued in their own context without people denigrating either the practical or the academic.  I know people who are practical and can turn their hands to anything but equally I know highly intelligent people that cannot boil an egg.  Such is life but both skills are required at the end of the day they are ying and yang and if those skills were shared between family members our way of of life would be so much richer as we each have something to bring to the table.

It has been a pleasant afternoon I have been mostly left to my own devices; I have pulled my crotchet down again  - lack of concentration on my part and wanting it to be the best it can be, but that happens periodically and I do not want to hurry and spoil the finished item.  Once this blanket is out of the way any surplus wool can go into my rainbow blanket.

I have my hair to wash a little later.  I have not long massaged some almond oil into my hair and I have to sit and leave it for an hour or so before washing it and letting it dry before I go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Catch up soon and hope everyone is well.

Love and light



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  1. Hi pattypan, just to let you know that the phone line is back and my computer fixed (by Keith). What a relief to be able to chat with my friends again. I too am busy with crochet at present, though I am stuck until i get a new ball of wool to match the colour I have just run out of (hopefully tomorrow). Keep warm.


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