Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday catch up

Boy have I been getting my knickers in a knot this week for some unknown reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday and in fact nearly put Tuesday Catch up today at the top of this post.  Unfortunately I should have been out last night and because I thought it was Tuesday I was convinced I was out today i.e. Wednesday.  Needless to say I was disappointed to have missed an evening with friends;  I then realised that I was at the hospital today so had to get myself organised for that.  Do you ever loose days in the week?

In any event I tottled off to the City Hospital saw my Consultant and the upshot is they are extremely pleased with me; somewhere down the line I am doing something right; my blood tests were good as was my liver function tests which is a big relief.  I have had problems with the Reynauds Syndrome more so than previously , but I am just to continue keeping gloves on and keeping warm; and I also  explained about the recent flu - as I do not want to be that poorly again I asked if I should be having the flue jabs and she said yes it would be a very good idea if I did and she would write to my GP about this.  My back hasn't been as bad although as luck would have it, it kicked off again this morning but she chose not to give me the injection - if I need it I am to contact the Department secretary and they can see me relatively quickly but I am going to try and do without that way if I do need it will have more of an effect.  Whilst there I mentioned that I had been having problems with my Achilles tendon and that I had been to the GP about this last year who had told me to rest up.  My Consultant does not want me to stop moving about and has after examining me arranged for some further treatment.  I have a lump in the base of my ankle which is pressing on the Achilles tendon when I walk and causing pain.  The treatment consists of ultrasound treatment to try and break the lump up, but they will send for me in the next few weeks or so for this.  So all being well that will happen in the next few weeks.  However what I did find strange is that I got an appointment for next February exactly a year ahead and I still have the rest of this year to get through yet.  So I class myself as very lucky and although it has been trial and error I think I am getting somewhere with the immune system problems I have, I have just got to keep an eye on my weight and try and lose a little more if I can to lessen the impact on my joints.

Now I am going to have to get that provisional driving licence application applied for so that I can learn to drive and then get about under my own steam.  Things are looking up and I feel very blessed.

Take care everyone

Catch up soon.



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  1. Late catching up (again)
    So pleased for you that you had a good outcome - and a relief for you I'm sure. No matter how well we feel I find it's always a trial going for check-ups.
    Great news with the driving Trishia, I'm sure you'll never look back! - Well, you will in the rear view mirror of course ;o)

    Rose H


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