Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend Roundup

I have had a very quiet weekend this weekend  - still not a hundred per cent from he flu and the chest infection and so I have taken things easy for a change.  I had the luxury of a lay in yesterday - quite a long one for me which was sheer indulgence.  Yesterday evening I started one of my UFOs a spiral scarf that I had started a little while back this one in rainbow marled wool.  I have four on the go and I had run out of wool on all of them.  A couple I have not been able to find any wool to match (I had used what was in my leftover stash) and I intend to get a toning colour to go with them so that I can also finish them off and then then can go into my chest of drawers so that I can use them in due course.  I will show some photos when I get them all finished - have a UFO post for the year so that I can look back to see what I have achieved during the year.

Today I have not done much either.   We walked Missy earlier on and gave her a good run.  The river is still swollen though and part of the intervening bank has nearly disappeared and the water is extremely high. I do not see the river on a day by day basis  so I had no idea how high it is most concerning.

I have been doing a lot of Internet surfing today, doing research for future projects and learning things along the way.  It is good to learn keeps the little old grey cells ticking along.  I have also been watching a series of programmes on TV about Tutankhamun which have been very interesting.

This evening we have had a bit of a disaster for some unknown reason the upright freezer has partially defrosted - and we have lost a fair bit of meat which is not funny.  Will have to see how things go.

I am late to work tomorrow morning as I have to go for blood tests at the GP in readiness for my forthcoming appointment at the hospital at the end of the month.  I do not like going for bloods at the best of times so am not looking forward to this one little bit.

Right upwards and onwards catch you all again soon.




  1. Glad you've taken it easy over the weekend - that blasted chest infection takes some shifting, grrr!
    I'll think of you in the morning...I'm due for a blood test too tomorrow :o(
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Rose H

  2. I think that a defrosting freezer is one of my biggest fears ...I would cook everything up into meals and refreeze ... if I had a working one still ..hope you managed not to have too much waste.


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