Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Good evening and I hope you have all had a lovely Good Friday and have had your hot cross buns - I am just about to have some.

Today I went into town ostensibly to stock up on some new undies and I paid a trip to M & S thinking I would be able to get a fitting whilst I was in town today, and as I had to make an appointment and the first available one was tomorrow I have another trip into town tomorrow as a result so no shopping but at least I will be able to get on with the same after the fitting.  It has been a little while since the last one and I have lost a little weight since then so it will be a job well done and then I can have fun choosing some new undies.

I also paid a visit to the pound shop and have managed to get some replacement insoles for a couple of pairs of shoes for £1 a pack, some shoe laces (the laces bust on my ankle boots the other day), and a couple of hair clips- I have long hair but I tend to have it done up in a twist especially for work as with me wearing glasses, using headphones, and a works key to contend with strung round my neck I would end up in a right old knot if I did not have it swept up out of the way. I sometimes wear it down with side clips at the weekend.

I have also had a good look around some of the clothes shops there are some lovely items in but some of them are extremely expensive.  

I also paid a quick trip into a couple of charity shops and managed to get a new cross stitch book for a couple of pounds called Cross Stitch Angels and it really has some lovely patterns in for a future date (too much to do before start anything new).

Catch up later


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