Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lovely Day

Well we have had lots and lots of snow and it has been bitter all day long.  However although messy and difficult to get about in and pretty to look at we have come off quite well considering further up Noorth.  Even up the road towards Baston the snow had drifted quite badly although was not deep.  Made me remember the ritual of the snow fences that used to be put up on the main road through to Lincoln all the way along because of the openness of the fields and the fact we were going uphill from the fens.  It was an essential ritual that kept the main roadway and thoroughfare as clear as possible so that you did not get cut off and snowed in.  Pity they still do not do this as it does help.  Sometimes the old and trusted ways are the best.

Its been a lovely day today we tootled off and collected my mum and then met up with my brother and his family at the pub/hotel for a Sunday lunch.  It seemed quite appropriate actually as the meal was "the family Christmas meal" that should have occurred earlier in the year but for one reason or another was put off.  It was lovely to be all together again and to see my nephews boy have they changed and I am extremely proud of the pair of them.  The eldest C is nearly at the end of his first year at University the youngest A has just taken mocks  and done really well  (He is at grammar school where they take the GCSEs  a year earlier than at secondary school).   Time Flies.  It was also lovely to catch up with my mum, my sister in law the boys and my brother.  

On the way home from a lovely leisurely lunch we had Roast Beef everyone of us (a carvery) with lots of veggies and gravy followed by a pudding which went down well and was reasonably priced.  We should do more of it but what of shift patterns for OH and the fact my brother and wife both work as well as myself sometimes arranging a time can be a tad difficult.

On the way back home mum needed a few bits from a local Supermarket and so we popped in there and got her what she needed and then popped back for a cup of tea; sorted out a computer programme for her had a cup of tea and then came away and have spent the rest of the afternoon quietly.  All the animals are in - the wind is bitter outside Mollie is cat napping on the top of the Sofa - Missy is with her Dad and Squeak is fast asleep with Demetri upstairs.  So everyone is in the warm and tucked up.  It has been a thoroughly pleasant day and I have really enjoyed it.  I count myself doubly blessed in having such a loving family.

OH has to work over Easter so I will be on my own for the best part but I do have plenty to be getting on with.  I think I am only out once this week so I am hoping to be able to get a right wriggle on so that I get some time to do some crafting later on in the week.

Right am going to put my feet up and watch the new series of Foyles War.

Catch you soon



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