Friday, 8 March 2013

Mizzly Day

It was a busy week this week I have had a couple of nights out this week.  Wednesday evening it was the Fellowship where the Trainees gave a demonstration of medium ship.  Which I took part in and also gave Reiki as well.  Last night I had a private Reiki appointment  which went well and it has been a really busy week at work.  I am growing my nails so that I can tidy my nails up and occasionally wear some nail varnish.  The nails are growing and I am gradually getting used to having longer nails again going tap tap tap on the keyboard feels very strange.   Today I have been stiff but then again it has been damp mizzly and foggy day here in Peterborough and despite me being wrapped up in a thick jumper I have not really been very warm all day.  Hot water bottle tonight again I think.  I get a little down when it is like this.  I did have a very nice lunch with my friend today though

Tomorrow I am on a workshop which I am quite looking forward to I mentioned it here:

I have not managed to do much on my crotchet blanket this week although I had worked a complete strip the week before.  Will keep at it as though I am still  little way off completing it I am inching ever nearer.  One of the reasons have not got much craftwork done is because I have been keeping a little kitten entertained.  She is slowly settling in and is a little sweetheart although on occasion quite feisty.  She loves her grub and likes to sprawl.  She is starting to come to the name Molly and usually makes a beeline for me when I come in of an evening.

I will leave you with a couple of photos

Catch up soon



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  1. Hope your aches and pains feel better, and dear little Molly looks SO contented...

    Rose H


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