Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes 24 little hours as in the words of the song.  Yesterday was sunshine this morning it is very cold we have rain and snow mixed together and its bitter.  Think I will have a few more layers on for walking to work this morning.  Molly is playing jump and chase with her shadow and is muttering to herself - quite funny to hear her voice really especially after she was so quiet when she first came.  Funny little thing  she wants the company of the others and then does something to upset them like hissing at them for no reason whatsoever. However she has developed this habit of hiding when it comes for me to go to work  - like children they learn fast and I then end up wasting precious time because she wants to play hide and seek. Missy is on her favoured spot on the back of the settee hugging the radiator - she does not have as much fur as the rest of them and always feels the cold.  I know I am very blessed with the animals I have but sometimes their behaviour is far worse than children.  Like children also if you commit to them it is for life (well it is in this household).  That's what happens when they get their paws firmly round your heart.  Unconditional love what a wonderful thing there should be more of it.

Right upwards and onwards

Catch you soon



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