Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Catch up

Last night I went to my friends home for the evening;  together with a bunch of other girlie's for a general chat and catch up.  It was a very good evening until news of the bombings popped up on one of our numbers eye phone.  Such a waste such destruction;  On the way out we had been warned by our hostess to take care as the frogs were mating and that she had an accident the night before with one.  I therefore walked in front of our car, moving off the entwined frogs out of the way of the car and making sure each of them remained safe.  The last one was a triple Decker.  I could not handle them but was moving them on a piece of card to safety.  Needless to say my compatriots had a good laugh at my performance, but then no frogs were harmed which is the main thing.

Today I caught the bus and went to the next village up from my mum and walked all the way through to her.  When I got there poor mum was unwell and was waiting for the Doctor to come out it would appear that she has a suspected kidney infection so bless her she stayed at home and  my brother and his wife took me to my uncle's funeral.  It was a very simple service  - uncle was an unfussy man with simple tastes and we had a lady vicar.  As the son says it was time to say goodbye.   It was nice to meet up with family members again although a sad occasion.  We then popped back to my mum's and stayed a little while with her.-  the Doctor is popping in tomorrow to check on her so will see how things go bless her heart.

Take care



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  1. It's SO good to catch up with friends isn't it?
    Sorry to read about your Mom, hope she is on the mend very soon.
    I think sometimes a simple funeral is a good way to say goodbye to a loved one, you somehow have time to concentrate your thoughts better. Sorry for your loss though.
    Thinking of you.
    Rose H


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