Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday night stir fry

Sorry for not posting for a little while I have been quite busy, and I have not been  either which has not helped but a little bit of writers blog as well.  Lots of ideas  just the words have not formed.

Saturday night tea has always been a relaxed affair  with my family ; as a child we used to have herring roes on toast, sausages and tomatoes, sardines or tomatoes in tomato sauce on toast.  Fresh tomatoes oven roasted in balsamic sauce etc etc.   Tonight is it is stir fry well Its a good way of using up all those bits and bobs that really do not amount to everything and with the addition of some chicken thighs (cooked in the oven) and a purchased stir fry sauce I have found out that if the chicken is cooked in the oven first then there is plenty of sauce left over to coat the chicken and the veggies.  I keep things like dried noodles in the pantry as a staple anyway as well as tinned pineapple, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots (although on this occasion none were left in the pantry).  I tend to use a mixture of fresh, dried, frozen  and preserved items.

This week we have some mixed frozen veggies ie beans carrots and peas and sweetcorn together with shredded cabbage, stem ginger, red pepper sliced and yellow pepper, some cauliflower florets and some broccoli florets, noodles, carrot, tinned pineapple, shredded leek, shredded red onion.   Its surprising how so little can come together and make a very tasty meal.  Tonight its with noodles but we quite often use rice as well and also do our own version of egg fried rice.   Whats left of the large tin of pineapple I have used will be going into an upside down pineapple cake.

 We have strawberries and meringue with cream for pudding tonight.

Catch you soon have to finish the cooking (and the eating)



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