Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Sun Has got his hat on

Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray the Sun has got his hat on and is coming out to play.  

Or in the words of another song Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day. The sun the feel good factor in every day. The return of the sun after so many months without is delightful and heart warming rays. How wonderful.

Madam Sun has been out in all her glory since 6:30 am (well that was the time I woke up) glaring through my bedroom blinds lighting up any corner of darkness and it was warm and snug in my bed.  What a shock when I have come down to sort out OHs pack up and feed and let the cats out.  We have had a thick white frost  and when I trotted out in my dressing gown as we had a conclave of moggies swearing at each other on the bottom fence I came in pretty rapidly after disbursing the rabble.  Although being chilly at least the sun is out which is a blessing in itself.  It breathes in new hope new situations and the promise of growth.   The sun is a very powerful stimulant.  This is  a morning when I do so long to be in the countryside to soak in natures glory in every way and the gentleness of the day as everything gradually and slowly wakes up. The land sings to me especially at this time of year.  I think perhaps it is the sap rising I am always pretty sensitive to the change in seasons and in weather.  One day hopefully I will have my own land to grow and nurture food for myself and my family and also have my own orchards.

Today I have a workshop on the Art of Psychic Colour.  I have done a similar workshop in the past, but the more you do things the more you learn and I am quite looking forward to it.  I think we will have the pencils and crayons out working with the information we have but it is all good fun and it stretches the  psychic muscles.

When the sun is as wonderful as it is today it brings back the joy de vivre and makes me want to do all sorts of things even the stiffness is not as bad today as it has been all week.  I hope my energy levels have returned for a little while at least.

I hope you all have a joyous and wonderful day.

Catch you soon.



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  1. thank you for the tip RE vinegar smell in jars, that's handy to know!

    Oh it was a shame that the cleaner didn't work out for me, I had high hopes. but. bottom line is I don't like the smell of vinegar, so that's more than likely the root of the problem!

    It's been sunny in East Anglia too. I'm really a rainy day person, but it has been so lovely to get the washing out on the line, and we're having a BBQ later. The sun does have it's charms!

    Have a glorious week .

    sadie x


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