Sunday, 14 April 2013

Waiting for My Tea to Cook

It has been a quiet day here I have been plugging away at chores and do not seem to be getting anywhere fast which in turn has got me slightly down and  a bit out of sorts;   I think its because people take me for granted and have expectations of me - but hey I am only human not a robot and not  able to produce things exactly so every time.  Some things are a work in progress some things go tickety booh first time others not so good.    The gremlins have crept in I hate it when I get like this its my darker side trying to escape. I am best on my own when I get like this but what I really need is the lid plonking firmly back on with a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN firmly tied on.

 Probably its because I am feeling my mortality; Its my uncles funeral on Tuesday. I do not have many relatives on my Dad's side left most of the people I was really close to including my much beloved Dad have now passed over to the summerlands across the rainbow bridge.

But hey I have so much compared to some I should be more grateful (but sometimes its a tad difficult)  Luckily I have a nice tea to look forward to a joint of pork and the crackling has come up nice and crispy together with mash potatoes, roast potatoes, peas, carrots cabbage and roast onion together with home made buttery apple sauce.  Its coming along nicely I am hungry should not be too long now.  I love cooking but at the moment I absolutely hate my kitchen.  I need to plan some things to do days out something to look forward to.

Its been a sunny windy day here in Peterborough. I thought the animals might have liked out but no they went for a little while but none of them like the wind.  Poor Molly keeps going to the back door asking to go out, but she has not been done yet so she is confined to barracks until that can be sorted.  Once that is accomplished she can go and play with the others.  She is starting to settle but has her moments.  I have some photographs on my camera of last night's cooking and also this evening's cooking but for some unknown reason its refusing to download.

Right am off to check on tea

Catch you soon hopefully I will feel at little less blue by then.

Take care



  1. So sorry to hear your sad news - I hope all goes well on Tuesday - sad time xxx


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