Friday, 31 May 2013

Its the little things...

That make all the difference and often give the most pleasure.

Since having a session re-pairing hair slides and pieces of jewellery the other week I have been rootling round the Internet for new posts for ear-rings and new barrette clips both items needed to repair a few items that are still basically okay apart from broken clips or posts; and I must say I have a lot of expensive ear-rings which although old and well worn where the posts have broken off but that where the ear-ring part is okay - so salvageable.  I have managed to find the items I want and an order has been put together and sent off so that said items can be fixed and put back into use again.  That makes me feel good as I am not wasting things just for the sake of a little tlc and time.

These are the hair clips where I re-glued the damaged bits  or bits that had fallen off and made them useable again.

I have also a pattern for making some scrunchies and a rag bag, which I intend to hit and make several.  I store my scrunchies on a freestanding paper roll holder (pine ones of course) and just thread the scrunchies down the pole colour coordinated of course to make it easy to locate things in a hurry.  It keeps them all nice and neat.  Currently I have three such poles on my dressing chest along with other bits and bobs.

 In recent weeks I have also been doing a spot of spring cleaning and sorting out my walk in closet and colour-coordinating the contents so that I can find things easily; finding pretty things at my local charity shop for next to nothing  such as some pretty scarves, some bracelets (will show photos of these another time) and

Some hair pieces/fascinators.  I have also located a couple of patterns to have a go at making my own from scratch.

During the sorting out I refound items I had forgotten about and they have subsequently been brought literally out of the closet and put into use again.

I have also found further part done ufos, found some beading kits, some beads, a wire bound necklace kit which I am in the process of working (I will show photos another time but I am pleased with how things are going so far) so much so this has led to me looking at the beads and findings in my local shops as well as the Internet and I have started to play a little and experiment the process of which I am really enjoying. I am discovering new techniques and thinking about adding little touches by way of accessories to some new items that have been added to my wardrobe.  With me having long hair and with me wearing it pinned up most of the week I like to have a hair trim of some description or another whether that be a hair clip, scrunchie, scarf, ribbons or lace trim. 

During my sorting out I also came across some paper flowers bought a little while back in a sale together with hair combs and over the weekend just gone I sat and played and attached the flowers to the combs and made some very pretty combs to go with a new skirt and top; and I have to say I am chuffed with the outcome so much so some more are on the cards for the end of the month.  I have also been looking at making my own barrette slides to match other outfits

I also bought a small kit of some Angel drop ear-rings which were very quickly done and not too expensive and I am well chuffed with those as well.  I have also dragged out some of my beads and my memory wire with the intention of making some further necklaces and bracelets with ear-rings to match and I am planning at having a play with another beadwork netted necklace.

I hope everyone is okay and will give a further update later on as things progress.  At the minute I have the knitting bug and have at least three jumpers on the go with some more in the pipeline.  One is a UFO from  a little while ago, the second I have written a script for in order that I can complete it and count the rows. The third I have the script to write up but I am going to concentrate on the first one and get that one finished first and then work my way through.   I will not tackle bits of the pattern that need my concentration when I am tired as this is when things go wrong hence me writing  a script for myself so I have my head around what I need to do before I start it and it also gives me an accurate recording of what row I am up to.  I am hoping to get quite a bit more done over the weekend. 

I do have to go to the Charity shop tomorrow as I picked up a damaged hand crewel worked picture where the frame was broken and I have had it popped to one side; it has some water damage but I think I can sort that out with a little tlc; it will need a new frame but it does have the non reflective glass so I do not envisage that being too much of a problem.

Right have to dash

Hopefully catch you all later on.

Have a good day



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