Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bit of an upset but a Happy Ending

Apologies for the delay this should have been posted at the weekend but I have been run off my feet.

My rescue cat Molly decided she was going walkabout on Wednesday night as I was taking rubbish to the dustbins, she skipped out like a streak of lightening into the street and then despite a good couple of hours out on the street trying to coax her back in she was having none of it. In the end I had to give up she had scarpered it was jet black and It was 2 am before I gave up the search as she had disappeared into the dark and so I went to bed.  Got about 4 hours sleep and then was up at 6 am trawling the neighbour-hood for her.  All to no avail.  I started to fret because we could not find her could not see her there was just no trace as though she had just vanished into thin air. I have been out everyday calling and searching for her not a sniff or a sight of her.  Then on Friday evening I went out after dark whistling (all my cats come to the whistle) and I got an answering response I called again and she popped her head out from under the builders scaffolding on the corner and came straight to me.  Needless to say I scooped her up and took her home.  bless her she was absolutely starving - she has not moved far since.

Hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods hopefully will get a chance to catch up over the weekend.

Love and light




  1. I'm so glad you got little Molly back.. they don't half cause us some worry at times but we wouldn't be without them.
    Julie x

  2. Those little furry felines worry the life out of you don't they? I'm very pleased she's back where she belongs :o) What a relief for you.
    Rose H

  3. Ah, thank goodness you got her home safely! x

  4. Hi Julie, Rose and Emma Kate - there's no return when they get their little paws wrapped tightly round your heart. Think she has her human extremely well trained. I can breathe now she is home and sleep!

    Take care




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