Tuesday, 4 June 2013


This morning I have had a real treat for my breakfast a bran based breakfast cereal with fresh raspberries on top and it was delicious. I try and eat breakfast every day as it is what it says i.e. breaking the fast.  To me it is the most important meal of the day.  Breaking the fast  is the point where our body's natural blood sugars are at their lowest that it is why it is important to top up and feed our systems and boosting our blood sugars..  According to statistics that is why most accidents happen early morning although not conclusivesly but there is evidence to suggest that most accidents happen because our blood sugar levels are low and the driver has not had breakfast.  The same as young children who have skipped breakfast do not concentrate as well for similar reasons.  So for me breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  With me being on long term medication breakfast is also one of the times when I take my pills and I usually try and incorporate fresh natural yogurt into breakfast somewhere down the line whether it be a topping for my breakfast cereal together with some toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top (you really should try this one it is yummy)  or whether it is incorporated into a smoothie there are all sorts of ways you can jazz up breakfast and at this time of year I am very partial to fruit with my cereal and if you keep frozen mixed fruits in the freezer they are easily whipped up with some milk and sugar to make a lovely smoothie especially if you are on the run.  So do yourself a favour do not skip breakfast rather make an effort and see how you can jazz it up and tempt your palate with good things without them necessarily being naughty things.  You will feel all the better for eating breakfast.  Now the boiler is stoked up its all systems go and I am off to work.

Catch you all later on




  1. I never miss breakfast either, but I'm afraid I'm all too boring as it's nearly always a dish of porridge - I really miss it if I've had something different.
    Hope your day is as sunny as the weather :o)
    Rose H

  2. Hi Pattypan!

    Nice to "see" you again. Breakfast is my very best favorite meal of the day. If I don't have a GREAT breakfast I feel like I have eaten even if I eat all day to make up for it. (it happens sometimes:)

    I've recently rejoined the blogging world. Boy did I miss it! Thank you so much for sharing...I'll be back for lunch!

  3. Nice to see you back Louise and I have to eat breakfast for another reason I get gurgley tummy and it is not quiet so safer to eat. Take care




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