Sunday, 2 June 2013

Early Morn and Simple Gourmet Treats

It is the weekend and I am up early again, when I could really do with a lay in as I did not get one yesterday.  However I am up  and having  a cup of tea in the quiet of the early morning;  there is something about the energy of this time of day especially when the sun is shining that wants me want to bathe in the rays of the sun and the quietness and the stillness; it is very soothing and allows random thoughts to take hold and be explored further and to take root without being fettered in the minute of every day more like a meditation a recognition of what is and an acceptance.  Recharge time.

Yesterday we had our first English Strawberries  grown in Wisbech down the road and we have another punnet for today; such bliss and such taste  especially served with simple vanilla ice cream or just cream; or may cook some plain scones and serve them, as a fresh strawberry tea. I personally do not think you can beat the English Strawberry for it has a depth of flavour  something that the imported ones just do not have. I have been enthralled with the strawberry since I was a child; I remember making trips with my father at this time of year and collecting big pallets of strawberries which we would eat fresh and then mum would turn into home made strawberry jam making jar after jar to last us through to the following year.  My grandparents also had a big bed of Strawberries and we used to go and pick the bright red gems and pop them into our mouths; such decadance as there is nothing lovelier than picking and eating straight from the plant.

I also love wild strawberries there is nothing much of them but they are such a treat.  I have tried to get them to grow in my garden but the soil here is heavy clay and they struggle.

 I also have the first of some English Asparagus - such treats that we are to have with roast chicken and home made bread sauce and home made stuffing. There is plenty so I think I will also make a batch of Asparagus soup also another lovely treat and some new potatoes.  I do love this time of year when all the new veggies start to make an appearance

I did not quite get the kitchen done last night - certainly not the oven.  In the end I had to sit down as my back was showing discomfort.

Well my tea is now drunk time to get on with the rest of the day.

Catch you all later on



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