Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A wee little paddle

On Saturday we took Missy for a swim on the way to my mums to a place that we used to go paddling at when we were children.  She was very uncertain at first but OH gently encouraged her in and when she did get in she was swimming round and round.

Tonight we repeated the experience for her as it has been so hot and we went in for a paddle as well.  All was well to start with there were other young dogs having a whale of a time too and we got her in and then she went off to play with her mates as soon as they came anywhere close she tried to jump up into my arms; her safe spot.  Trouble was she was in water and her jumping up splashed me and subsequently because I had been holding my skirt up so as it did not get wet with her jumping up I dropped my skirt and then slipped so I got more than a tad wet; but hey its warm and it was just a little bit of water after all.

Today I topped up on plants again, another Oregano (I just love the flavour and smell of this most fragrant of herbs) and two Archers gold Thymes a Blackberry plant and a Passion Flower shrub.  I am off to pot them on and I have some seeds to sow as well.

Catch up soon promise




  1. Sorry, but it's made me laugh!
    Glad you were okay though.
    Rose H

  2. I seem to have a fatal attraction to water!



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