Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Breakfast in the Garden

The past couple of mornings because it has been hot I have been having my breakfast in the garden where it is nice and cool and I must honestly say it is fast becoming one of my personal pleasures to just simply eat one's breakfast and simply just being in the quiet and tillness; of the morning.  I have had  nice big bowl of Muesli with really cold chilled milk and a cup of tea.  However I have been  watching the wildlife we have had crash landings from pigeons on the fence this morning to starlings feasting greedily on the remnants of the cherry tree.  This morning I am being watched by Demetri on the wall and Molly keeping a beady eye on me from the dining room window.  They are never far away.

I managed to get all my herbs potted up last night.  A lot of them are in pots so that I can move them around as the soil is not particularly good as it is a heavy clay and the plant roots cannot always gain good purchased but at leat I can stand pots on the same.  I did not get any seeds planted lat night but hope to do so later on or at least make a start.  Probably will not come to much but one never knows.  I am thoroughly enjoying my potterings in the garden of an evening and being surrounded  by nature in all her glorious forms.  I thought my frog had hopped it not having seen him since the weekend but last night I had three of them in the herb border.   It must be the no expense spared des res swimming facilities.

Hope you all have an enjoyable day

Catch you later on



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  1. That's a lovely idea Tricia. I may do that myself now as long as the weather lasts.

    I bet your frogs can't wait for their pond now. One of our cats (Alfie) was chasing a lovely big frog across the lawn this week, but fortunately he was cautious and the frog was happy to reach the main pond.


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