Friday, 26 July 2013

Early Evening Roundup

 It has been hot, hot, hot too hot.  Despite me having the blinds down, windows open fans going the heat today has been unbearable and despite the best laid plans of what I was and was not going to do - well it did not happen.  I just flopped in the corner.

Well that was a surprise OH rang earlier this afternoon and asked me to be ready and waiting for him when he came home approximately 6:45 pm and to put something nice on as he was taking me to the pub for a drink and something to eat  So I duly did as asked and was ready and waiting for him to come home.  Anything to escape the furnace .

We went to a local pub the Fox and Hounds we had not been there before but the meal was very good.  We both had a starter and a main I had crab pate and lasagne with chips salad and onion rings. OH had crab pate, rib eye steak, chips, salad and onion rings.  We did not have pudding but have since had some vanilla ice cream which went down very nicely thank you.  I do not think it is going to be long before I go up as I am off to see mum tomorrow another busy day and I am going by bus initially and OH will come and retrieve me later on

Hope you have had a lovely day

Catch you soon




  1. What a lovely surprise. It sounds like you had a nice meal too (I love crab pate). It is blessedly cool here this morning but is going to be very hot again once the sun's up properly. Like you, I wilt in scorching weather.

  2. Hi BB I absolutely adore crab and we normally snaffle some fresh when we go down to Cromer and some Samphire too. Which reminds me we have not been this year will have to see if we can remedy that and probably take mum along too. Hope you are keeping well.




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