Sunday, 14 July 2013

Good Morning

It is overcast here in Peterborough and still muggy although a lot more tolerable.  We did indeed get the rain but not like we had had on the way home; but at least we got some and it saved me having to do any watering up last evening.

Yesterday morning before going to my mum's I went and did some shoping for myself. At the Coop I found a leg of lamb and a piece of loin pork both of which had been reduced I got about £7 off in total off both pieces of meat.  Both are in the fridge at the moment as I cannot make my mind up as to which piece we will be having tonight.

I also managed to get a bargain with some more apricots so later on today I will be making some Apricot jam.  I use this a lot and it is delicious served with croissants for breakfast.  We have some dumpling (doughnut) peaches to have as well to eat fresh and I bought another couple of punnets of strawberries to have for desserts or milk shakes.  I am going to look on the market later on in the week/the next few weeks  to see if I can get hold of some peaches for making peach chutney, spiced peaches and bottled peaches in syrup and I also intend to look around for a few more recipes for strawberries and for Apricots.  Well that is the plan anyway.  The other year I made peach chutney for the first time and it is delicious.

Right I am going to get myself a cup of tea - and then I intend to start on the herb border and get that sorted as I am hoping to get some more herb plants put in during the course of the week and hopefully get some more fruit bushes as well,  I just thought it would be nice to work in the quietness of the morning and be in the fresh air for a change.

Catch you all later on



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