Saturday, 13 July 2013

I have indulged today.....

....In some plants for my garden.  Perhaps I should not have as the garden is not done yet but at the prices I obtained them for I could not really afford to sniff at them. I intend to pot them up for the time being as a temporary measure until I can get them located in  their permanent positions.  The plants I obtained are: Two Loganberries @ £4.00 each, two purple grape vines @ £3.00 each and a Kiwi Fruit @ £4.00 each plant all in all a total of £18 for the five plants. All are healthy specimens.  All from a stall in the centre of Cathedral Square in Peterborough.  They also have a stall on the market.  They also had some gooseberries red ones for £4.00 apiece so I may go back and get some of them if they still have them next week.

I am hoping to start on the garden on Sunday weather permitting.

Boy is it muggy tonight I am so pleased I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

I also have my eye on two white grapevines -  they had them earlier in the week but when I went to buy they only had the red ones left so I shall have to keep  my eyes peeled in case they get in any later in the week.

I also have my eye on some herbs to replant my herb border up specifically some Rosemary, Thyme, and Fennell, Oregano, Marjoram, Chives etc to start with. The sage and mint is doing well in the border this year and the bay tree has a triffid growing out of the base which needs some selective pruning.  I intend to get up early tomorrow morning so I can start weeding the herb border and start tidying it up.  I might also get a few seeds set with a bit of luck.  I have done a bit of a water up tonight and I notice I have  few strawberries that have ripened so they will go nicely with breakfast

The cherries are starting to ripen I am hoping to get some off the tree before the birds do; only once in the past ten years have I managed to get the crop picked.  There are not as many cherries on the trees as in previous years.  Fingers crossed toes plaited as I would like to bottle some in syrup for puddings during the winter months and also some cherry pie filling so that I can make black forest gateau.  Yummy.

Right am off to read my book for a while and get some shuteye.

Sweet dreams



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  1. Lots of lovely things for your garden, will kiwi grow outdoors? We've been the same with a cherry tree & this year invested in a big net to throw over to keep the birds off - looks like we may have edible cherries this year!


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