Saturday, 13 July 2013

Just simply Be

Its been a warm muggy night I have had the windows open but still the air has been heavy thank goodness I have a ceiling fan but that makes a noise; you gradually get used to it and go off into that deep far away place where the conscious lurks and where your thoughts are your own.  An altered state to that of our every day waking hours but still very important none the less.

Despite being the weekend and having the intention of  a small lay in - it just does not seem to happen.  I awoke before the alarm clock again and decided to rise (once I am awake that is it I have to get up).  The sun is always on the front of the house in the morning, whereas the rear of the house at this time of day is in shadow and much cooler.  This is an old terrace so the cool on a summers day is very welcome, but equally it is cold in the winter.

Everything is quiet apart from the odd rumble of traffic going down the road; our road is used as a cut through to get into town.

I made myself a cup of tea; I usually like my first cup of tea of the day in silence on my own after I have sorted the cats and Missy out with breakfast.  This morning I went outside and sat on a chair hugging my cup of tea and just coming too quietly and enjoying the moment just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet and the stillness.  We all need to be still at times it helps rejuvenate our busy hectic lives and grounds us puts us in balance.  There always has to be balance.

Whilst sitting I have been inspecting my plants that I bought yesterday.  They seem to be very healthy specimens. The two grapes I have bought are called Vitas Brant and are a purple grape.  The Kiwi fruit just says female on the tag . I probably will not get anything off them this year but for next year.  I am also on the lookout for some blueberries, Tayberrys, Rhubarb crowns some Japanese Chaemoloes (Japanese Quince), A quince tree, Plums, and Figs.  Will have to see how things go.  Will try and take some photographs later on.

Its been a treat to do this as the rest of my life is so hectic at the moment.  I am off to my mum's for the day to spend quality time with her and get some of her housework sorted.

Will hopefully catch you all later on.

Have a lovely day



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