Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday Evening catch up

What a busy day, it has been non stop at work, and we have been grateful for the air conditioning today.  At lunch after meeting with a good friend, I popped to the plant stall and have come back with parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, and Fennel.  I have spent the better part of this evening planting up and watering in and then I have watered up the rest of the border.  Its coming along slowly, although I still need Basil, Chives, some more Oregano, Marjoram. The soil in part of the herb border is not particularly good and so I tend to stick pot fulls of stuff on there.  I would also like to get hold of some Tarragon as I use that quite prolifically, so I intend to have a good look around over the next few days to see what I can locate.  I have plenty of mint and sage in the herb border and bay leaves.  I had seen an offer on for about 40 lavender plugs for about £10, but unfortunately when I applied they did not have any left.  I have an idea of having a border down the side of the grass of a lavender hedge, which will be immediately below the clothes line.  Will have to see what I can locate.  

I am going to sit out the back in a little while; it is extremely muggy still, but it is quiet and it will be nice to just sit and be.

I also need to get some box files in which to store some magazine articles for the time being.  So a bit more tidying up will be achieved I hope.

I am going to sort a few seeds out to plant as well I have some courgette seed and some Nasturtium seeds somewhere.

Picked the first of a few strawberries that I have homegrown this evening and they were delicious.  The Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream slice is also in the freezer.

Right am off for a final potter before I go up a little later on.

Catch you soon

Take care




  1. Hello Trishia

    Hope you are well - you certainly sound ok!
    Trying hard to catch-up. I love the idea of the lavender hedge, and the herbs are making my mouth water already ;o)
    I see in an earlier post you've got a kiwi fruit plant, I hope you realise that they grow amazingly the moment ours are shooting by another 4" a day! I hope it's one of the newer self pollinating ones too, we were sold a male and a female plant (not) and 15 years on, plenty of flowers but never a fruit :o(
    Rose H

  2. Hi Rose

    I love lavender and I have to have my herbs; one of the simplest pleasures I indulge in every so often is a herb omlette, with the herbs picked straight from the garden. I am not sure on the Kiwi. It says female on it but does not say anything about having another plant as a pollinator all I can do is try it and see and if I get fruit all well and good and if I do not I do not its just the luck of the draw. I love kiwi fruit anyway and I think it always perks up a fruit salad or a pavlova. Hope all is well with Mum . Take care dear friend




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