Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Night Round Up

Its been a very busy day at work  - I am on leave for the rest of the week as I have to have some treatment on my leg on Wednesday.  The appointment is slap in the middle of the morning and as I do not drive I have to go by taxi.  For sometime now I have had a problem with my Achilles tendon in that there has been a lump pressing on it and causing discomfort, sometimes the lump is massive or at least appears that way and at other times it seems to shrink, but it is a nuisance.  I am therefore to have ultrasound treatment lithotripsy to try and disperse the said lump which would appear to be a calcific tendonitis or a build up of a calcium deposit.  Wednesday is the first of three such treatments. As I walk literally everywhere and as the instruction is do not drive after the treatment (well I drive a foot pedal at work) I decided to play safe and book the time off and to let things settle down without any extra pressure.

I have cooked tonight we have had home made sweet and sour chicken with stir fried vegetables and egg foo yung. Followed by a bowl of ice cream.  It went down very well and OH went back for seconds.

I have watered up the garden and my frogs are still there all three of them so I topped the swimming pool up for them and watered the border up well.

Last Friday I went to Wilkinsons as I had seen some small swing stopper bottles which I thought were advertised at £1.34 each.  I was none too happy when I got to the till and I was charged £16 or so; but I needed them (the smaller bottles are destined for fruit sauce for the winter months). I queried the price and it was established that the next bottle up 0.55 litre was the bottle that was £1.34 each.  These bottles were twice the size of the smaller version.  As I did not have the cash on me at the time I made my mind up and today was the day.  I picked 10 bottles out (£13.40 by my calculations) checked with the girl on the till she scanned it the price of £2.75 came up.  I queried again and on seeing the advertising label I got the 10 bottles for £1.34 each i.e. £13.40 for the 10 bottles.  I shall go back later on in the week just to check to see what the price is and if  it is still the same I shall snaffle some more. They are proper Kilner bottles so I am well chuffed with my haul.

Marks and Spencers also are doing some soft fizzy drinks at the moment three large bottles for about £5 to £6.  The drink is a bonus as really I have gone after recycling the bottles as they are the flip top stoppered bottles.  The price to buy these is dear however I sterlise the gaskets on the bottles and re-use them suitably sterilised although I do have replacement gaskets in my armoury.  Kilner also do a different type of gasket but I don't see why it would not work.  They cost £1 for a large bag.

All the bottles together so you can get some kind of perspective on size.

So now I am going to sort out some recipes and have a play.

And a bonus, OH has managed to snaffle some Cherries from down the garden think they are the last of them but they really are delicious.  Am going to look into getting the tree trimmed and also into obtaining a net so that we can get the cherries next time round.  These are what he did retrieve I think they will do very nicely bottled for Cherry pie. 

And they taste absolutely delicious variety Stella supposed to be dwarf rootstock but more like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Boy its hot  - Catch you soon



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