Wednesday, 24 July 2013

On Holiday....

For three days  - desperately needed and occasioned by the fact that I had to have the first of three treatments on my ankle which I was very nervous about, but managed to get through okay. I have been warned that I should take things steady and there may be bruising to the ankle, which is all quite normal,  All done with sound waves and I think it has done some good already.  Here's hoping.  So I am pleased I booked the time off as it has given me some very much needed space and its the first real time I have had off this year. 

Hasn't it been hot again; the sun has been out most of the day here, and the humidity is very high.  The animals are just chilling I have kept the blinds down and have windows open so that we get an air flow through the house as they are really suffering with their fur coats at the moment.  There is plenty of water to be had for them as well.

We have gammon slices, with roasted vegetables, peas and new potatoes for tea with Strawberries and Cream for pudding or should that be sweet!

I have been out for the evening as well in the company of very good friends its always full of laughter when we get together.  And the moon looks beautiful this evening hanging there like a pendulum in the sky.

My ankle is hurting a bit now so it will not be long before I go up and rest it.

Hope your day has been filled with love and light

Take care 




  1. Hi Tricia. I hope that your ankle hasn't been too painful and that the treatment will heal it completely. I hope you will rest up with some craft work.

    It's rained overnight (thank goodness) and a lot cooler and fresher here today. I couldn't cope with the high temperatures, although at least the thick stone walls here mean the house stays blessedly cool.

  2. Hi BB

    Was a bit uncomfortable last night, but am okay today - in fact it feels a lot easier than it did the other day and the lump is not so big. Its quite incredible really using soundwaves to trigger a response within the body which means it heals itself, My kind of therapy. I am hoping to get back to my knitting on Sunday - with going to sort Mum out my time at home has been a little precious. We have had rain here but its not been cold rain and the humidity has been high; think the frogs love it and it has saved me on the watering up.

    Our house is an old brick terrace and it is nice and cool in the summer and cold in the winter as well, but once it gets heated up it i lovely and snug.

    Take care




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