Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pansy Potter does it again!

What a lovely day it has been hot hot hot and I have been at my mother's most of the day having been there to bottom out her lounge this week; washing all the skirting boards down, moving out the furniture and really giving it a good going over.  That's room number two done and dusted, and I have also flipped round the rest of the house as well.  Next week it is the kitchen that is going to be subject to my ministrations.

Mum keeps water butts full of rainwater in the garden from which she waters the plants in the garden.  As I was there today she asked me to do it to save on her back.  Pattypan was  therefore left in charge of the water butt and the watering.  Things were going well I started with the troughs in the front garden and then started watering up in the back garden.  Placed two watering cans full of water into the greenhouse so that mum can water the tomatoes during the week.  I went to fill up a bucket again and the next thing I knew I turned the tap on the butt and it came off in my hand; water spraying out everywhere I got drenched as the butt was half full and was scrabbling round trying to get the tap back in where it belongs and the butt was having none of it.  So there was a quick scrabble to fill a load of buckets up until the butt got to the level where the tap was situated in and I managed to get the tap back in and the bolt it on (nearly falling head first in the butt in the process).  OH tightened it up when he came later on.  Fortunately we managed to capture most of the water and used it in the watering up so fortunately not much was lost, but I still feel a little guilty at the little bit that got away.  However before we left mum's there was one heck of a Summer storm a proper electrical storm with thunder lightning torrential rain so I think the water butt will soon get filled up again as it is connected to the down pipe on the garage.  The rain is very welcome as it will give everywhere a good overdue soak.

However coming home in the downpour was a bit of a nightmare I thought at one point the rain was going to stop the car as it lashed it down.  However when we got back into Peterborough there was no rain or storm but I think it is circling as I can hear cracks and rumblings but nothing seems to have happened as yet.  I am not very keen on thunder and lightening at the best of times; I am waiting to see what happens if it rains I will not need to do the watering up as nature will have done it for me, but because it has been such an exceptionally hot day it has freshened things up no end.

Right I am off to finish the part done bathroom; there is a lovely cool breeze coming through the windows and it is much more comfortable but I think it is going to be a hot night I think the fan will be on again.

Catch you soon



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  1. Gosh I can just imagine the scrabble to sort that out before all the precious water ran away!


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