Monday, 8 July 2013

Quick Catch Up

Things have been a bit hectic round here these past few weeks and I have hardly had time to sneeze.  So much to do so little time to do it unfortunately as a result I have not been on here much or surfing the Internet; and it has been so hot thank goodness I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

On Saturday I went to my mum's to start the cleaning for her.  I spring cleaned and bottomed the bedroom for her; washed nets and curtains and washed all the paintwork and the furniture dragging it out from where it had been and generally tidying up.  This weekend coming I am hitting the lounge and doing the same with that. Not that the house is untidy it just needed a Spring clean.  We decided between us that if I worked through room by room  and get it how she wants it to be it will be much easier to keep on top of - well that is the plan anyway.  It was nice to spend time with my mum - she never stopped talking bless her.

Saturday evening I should have been at a family party but OH had been poorly during the week and did not feel up to it.  I was a tad disappointed as I was looking forward to catching up with my Aunts and Uncles and also my cousins - but never mind these things happen!

Sunday I was on my own and I must admit I did not do much but I have started a set of books that I have been given to read I am hoping to get a little reading in before I nod of this evening.  It will not be long before I wend my way upstairs to Bedfordshire.

Since I got home I have been deep cleaning the toilet part of my bathroom.  It is all now bleached out (a deep clean) I normally use lemon vinegar, but everything is looking gleamingly clean and I have the main part of the bathroom to deal with tomorrow night. Yet again another deep clean.  I am working through my home room by room as during the past few weeks with me back and forwards to the hospital things have got into a bit of a mess but I will get there.  I have more or less broken the ironing pile; unfortunately I cannot put it away as one of my hanging rails has completely collapsed so I am going to have to look into obtaining another one to replace it; these things are sent to try us.  Its just the depth that varies.

Right upwards and Onwards

Catch you all soon



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