Friday, 26 July 2013

Recent Charity Shop Finds

Warning this post is photo heavy.

I managed to acquire two beautiful pieces of needlework recently a tray cloth with pretty embroidery on and a tablecloth mostly executed in applique with eyelet lace decoration.  However the execution of this is so fine it looks absolutely gorgeous  I paid  £6.50 for both pieces that is what I call a bargain.  I think both pieces are extremely pretty and I am hoping to turn the tray cloth into a decorative cushion for the bed.


I have also found the following

A large vintage glass ground stopper storage jar.  I collect these jars and pick them up where I can.  For the nice big pantry I have not yet acquired and they will be ideal for storing cake decorations and bits and bobs like that. £1

A stoneware sugar shaker a little chip on the top but it will not affect its use and it will go with a lot of other items of a similar nature that I already have and more than useful when it comes to baking. £1.  Will go with my Mason and Cash Mixing Bowls as it is that lovely caramelly beige colour.

Six green glass liqueur glasses which will go with some I have inherited from my grandmother.  The set is immaculate. £2.50.  I collect light green coloured glass wear as it goes with my current dinner service and also the Colclough Ivy dinner service that I am collecting piece by piece.

Six tea cups and saucers in a marled creamy brown stoneware. £2. Reminiscent of Fosters pottery but this says Devon.  So I had better not get my manufacturers mixed up in respect of the counties.  I have a Fosters Coffee set packed up but this will go with it very nicely.

A medium sized sampler worked on linen £5  I am a lucky beneficiary here as it is a beautiful piece of needlework and so neatly worked.

A long narrow pink flowered tiled tea tray £5 which will look nice in the middle of my big farmhouse dining table.  It is very pretty and when the Manageress spotted it she said that she would have grabbed that too.

A Nigella Lawson Cookery Book "Kitchen" £1.  One that I had not got although I have several of her books.  She comes up with some good ideas.

And an immaculate large shade for my Standard Lamp £3.  In a lovely Rosy pink with fringing.  It should look very nice on my mahogany lamp base.

A pale yellowy golden shade for £1.50 - it should go very nicely with a patterned bedside lamp that I have packed away which had a matching printed shade unfortunately the shade fell to pieces but I think this one will suit me nicely and will go with the colour scheme of the bedding which is pale yellow and pale green.

And finally but not least a Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Melamine Tray which is in a nice condition. £1.50.  It will go very nicely with some storage tins I have in the pantry.  Can never have too many trays.

So I have not done too badly a nice little haul.

I popped back to the chemist to get some eye drops and saw what would appear to be a very large picture and as I was passing by  I popped back in.  It turned out to be a wonderfully large bevelled glass pine mirror at £15.  So I snaffled it and it is destined for the wall in my bedroom.  I have a gold ornate one in there at the moment but I am going to place that in the hallway.  I love mirrors.

I am also very slowly still collecting shirts when I see them at the right price to create a patchwork quilt.  I am taking my time and not rushing the process as the colour choices  have to be right and as I am a novice when it comes to quilting and I have never made a quilt before in my life I want to enjoy the process and get to grips with the basics, so that I can go on and do more.  I have my eye on a wedding ring quilt eventually and I have some fabrics already put up for that.  And I quite like the idea of having a go a hexie quilt as well.  Trouble is I have all these ideas and not enough time to get everything done. I love fabrics, threads, wool, lace, and generally playing about.

And I think I have been banned from the Charity shops for the rest of the month.   We will have to wait and see.

Oh and I have acquired a couple of floppy hats a nice cream crotchet one and a brown one which will go with a shoulder basket I have liberated the other week.  With being fair skinned
What I really would like to get stuck into doing is customising pieces of furniture but sadly I have nowhere to do said pieces of furniture up as we do not have a shed or a garage and I do not have any space at the moment for said pieces.  I do have all sorts of ideas though.  I was sort of spurred on by my visit to the charity shop last week where there were similar pieces on sale and they looked stunning bringing them right up to date and highly usable.

Catch you soon




  1. Some lovely finds there PP! :)

    1. Hi Hearthwife

      I was chuffed to bits. Its as though I go for ages and do not find a thing and then like buses they all turn up at once. Hope you, hubby and the pets are all well and that the veggie garden is still producing well. Been a beautiful summer so far.

      Take care




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