Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Evening Round Up

Oh boy has it been hot; I have still been beavering away at the herb border and my frog has put in an appearance again, so I am definitely going to put him a pond in the border.  I have been quite taken with the advert encouraging us to put in mini areas where our wild creatures can survive.  That will please my neighbour no end but I don't give a fig.  The herb border is slowly  starting to come under control and I am taking some cuttings as I go along to make more plants hopefully.  The bay tree in the border has sprouted a lot of growth again so I am going to have a go at taking some cuttings from scratch to see if I can get some more plants going, if so it would  make a nice present for someone in the future.  I use bay leaves a lot in cooking so it would perhaps make a good pressie for a foodie friend.  The sage plant has put out runners quite a lot of them and as I have cut what I thought was dead wood on the end I have found a flush of growth at the end so I intend to plant them on.  The neighbour also has a prolific clematis and some has found its way to the floor and there are one or two roots to make some cuttings.  Never done it before - it may be a miserable failure but if I do not try I will never know.

OH took me to the Range this morning - had never been but was terribly impressed - definitely my kind of shop and I saw one or two things that I would like to get in due course.  Will have to see how the pennies pan out.  There was quite a nice gazebo and a swing which I had my eye on for the garden as well as barbecues and lots of plants which I definitely have my eye on. Ostensibly I went there to see if I could find a sturdy hanging rack as mine completely broke the other day and I have two racks of clothing that desperately needs some hanging rails. Will have to have a look elsewhere during the week.

One thing I do do in this hot weather is keep the blinds and/or curtains down as it keeps the house cooler and stops the sunlight fading your soft furnishings; its a bit of a shame not to let the sun in but when it gets to the temperatures it has been you will do anything to keep cool.  The cats appreciate it and curl up in the shade.

My frog put in an appearance again and I placed a deep saucer of water with a stone in the middle and he duly obliged and popped in.  He has been up and down the border quite a bit.

I also saw a squirrel risking life and limb doing a raid on the cherry tree it seems the wildlife got the cherries again.  Will have to look into stopping that.

OH fancied proper Sunday lunch today so we have had roast leg of lamb studded with garlic and then new potatoes, french beans, carrots, cauliflower, peas and lashings of mint jelly with strawberries and cream for afters. Very nice it was too even though it was a tad hot in the kitchen.

Right have to tidy up outside the back door all the plants are watered up and I have struck some bay leaf cuttings and the sage.  I also have to do honeysuckle and clematis.  A watering can of water is already to water up the plants in the morning as apparently we are going to have more of this hot weather for the rest of the week

Right I still have lots to do as back to work in the morning.

Catch up soon.




  1. For your clothes pulley airer - there's one finishing on e-bay today (currently priced at £10 - they are anything up to £75 new!!!)

    Your frog will love a little pond. Our wildlife pond has been one of the best things in our garden and Much Used by the newts, frogs, damselflies, dragonflies etc.

  2. P.S. There is another sort without laths advertised cheaply, but you would have to get the laths as wood from B&Q or somewhere and rub them down . . . If I see one in my travels, I will nab it for you. They do turn up around here.


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