Sunday, 28 July 2013


Started with me having a bit of a lay in only until 8:30 am but still a lay in all the same. I then pottered around in the house for a bit and got the animals fed etc. and then I was taken out for my Sunday lunch which was rather yummy roast rib of beef, Yorkshire pudding mixed seasonal veggies ie french beans, kidney beans, carrot, peas and cauliflower cheese.  Very yummy it was too all washed down with some Crabbies Ginger Beer.  It was really lovely.

This afternoon I have been working away at the jungle.  My garden has been overtaken by triffids and with me buying new plants recently there is a bit of reverse psychology going on in that I have bought the plants first in order that I make sure that I do get on with the garden.  Not the normal way of doing things I freely admit but it seems to be working.  My plants already purchased are thriving and doing extremely well.  I have a lot of plant pots and planters to use up as well and as I have mentioned before I have two fig trees coming on Tuesday so I have had to clear some space.  I have been concentrating on one side of the garden thus far.  Trouble is the brambles have got involved as well so despite wearing gloves there have been an awful lot of oohs and arghs and the occasional expletive. I shall be soaking my hands in some Dettol later on to make sure any cuts and scratches are treated.  Part of the inspiration for getting stuck in is that I want my washing line back and I would like some kind of covered sitting area in the garden so that we can enjoy the fresh air a little more than we are doing at present together with a patio area.  Well that is the dream anyway.  I am slowly working down the left hand side of the garden towards the tumble down shed.  I have been out for about three to four hours attacking the same before watering the rest of the plant up.

Now I am going to get things together as I am back at work.  Despite having the treatment at the Hospital I have enjoyed my few days off.

Catch you soon




  1. Sounds like you have been busy, but I am sure all that hard work will be worthwhile, and it's always lovely buying new plants for your garden. One place I lived in Dorset used to have a Fig Tree in the garden.

    1. Hi BB, I am always busy its just the depth that varies. OH has promised faithfully for the past five years that he is going to sort the garden out. Unfortunately it has not happened so I have started myself and he reckons that it will get done if I get it sorted. I had hoped to get stuck in during the week but for one reason or another something else has popped up that needed greater attention. I intend to get stuck in again this week. Am chuffed with the trees as there are plenty of fruits on them. I just adore fresh figs. My mouth is salivating at the thought of.

      Take care




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