Sunday, 14 July 2013

What a simply glorious afternoon

After being overcast this morning this afternoon the sun has put in an appearance the air is balmy hardly any breeze and the sun is out to play and it is hot.  This was the type of afternoon at my grandmother's home where we would all repair to the back lawn and enjoy the sun whatever chairs could be found including the old fashioned deck chairs; and we as a family would enjoy the summer sun and play games as a family such as bowls or skittles (with my Nan's old preserving jars); half way through the afternoon the teapot would come out and then later on we would have high tea  (all served in the garden) and as an absolute treat strawberries grown in the garden and for which we helped harvest the lush red berries were  served with cream.    In years gone by the old fashioned milk bottles used to have a header of thick cream in the top one inch space and if you had the Jersey milk it was even thicker.  (Nowadays you do not get that so much as the milk and cream is all mixed together and it does not separate).  My Nan always used to save this cream on a daily basis each bottle that was opened the cream was always saved and decanted to a pot which was always kept in the fridge.  Come preparations for Sunday tea the cream that had been decanted and set aside was spilled into a bowl and then the hand whisk would come out and my Nan would whisk the cream up with a dash of sugar until it was frothy.  It was then popped into a jug and using a spoon we used to pop what we wanted on our fruit.  My Nan never bought cream.

I am still wading in the garden with the herb border; it is slowly getting cleared although there is a lot of bindweed which I am doing my best to get rid of but it has slowed me up a little.  I was startled earlier by a frog who had been hiding in the undergrowth and he hopped off it made me feel slightly guilty for removing his cover, but I shall put a bowl of water for him to pop back to should he so want.

Right tea break over I am going to get on a do a bit more; I have had the Spanish inquisition from Molly as being exposed to the sap from the various weeds I have removed and going to make tea I went and scrubbed my arms and hands with soap and the nail brush; think she likes the smell of the soap as she has been cuddling up and licking my arms since.

Catch you all later

Have a lovely afternoon



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