Sunday, 11 August 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Its how I like it does not give you time to think.

Yesterday I went to my mum's and did the weekly clean for her.  This time round I have bottomed out her dining room and cleaned that from top to bottom and freshened it up.  Next week it is the conservatory if the weather is okay as I am going to strip out all the furniture and wash everything down to make it nice and fresh and also clean the windows on the inside.  Mum has a window cleaner for outside.

I have also been popping backwards and forwards checking on Molz and the kittens.  She has really been very good with them  today hardly leaving them although she has had a couple of periods of time out but for the best part has elected to be with her babies.

I on the other hand have started cleaning the kitchen and re-organising the kitchen again.  Well it will get done eventually.

I have also purchased two sets of plastic lightweight free standing drawers in which to sort out my craft and needlework stuff so that I can find things when I want them.  I may have to get another two sets (they are on offer in Wilkinsons at the moment) in due course but these will do for starters.  Unfortunately I have a lot of craft stuff as I have equipment for quite a few crafts.  It will be lovely to go straight to a drawer and find what I am looking for..

Right I have to dash Squeak is being quite persistent in wanting some fuss  - I think she is feeling left out.

Take care 



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  1. Congrats on the new babies, must be a joy to just sit and watch. Bet you can't wait until they're old enough for a cuddle! :)


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