Saturday, 3 August 2013

Busy Saturday

I Thank you ladies for you kind wishes - I am indeed feeling a lot more comfortable than I was aIthough whenever I have an attack of this nature it usuallly takes a couple of days to work itself out of my system, but I have been drinking copious amounts of mint tea which has helped enormously.

I travelled by bus to my mum's again today; an early start as I needed to collect some items from  town before I set off to Mums.  I bought some more mint and some more parsley and also took one plant of each to my mum's.  She has mint but unfortunately its flavour is not very good so new stock was in order.  Mum is not fond of herbs but she does use mint and parsley.

This week as I passed through the villages on the bus it was very apparent that the Farmers were getting busy they had started combining and by the time that we went by again tonight three large fields had been cleared and they were still working at it.  The crop looks well ripe though.

On getting to Deeping I popped to Grasmere Farms butchers and bought 4lb of Lincolnshire sausages (they have to be Lincolnshire) for £11.  When I got to mums I asked her if she wanted any and she had half. I will get some more in a couple of weeks time.  We had them at lunchtime in a sandwich and they were very tasty.

I was just preparing to deep clean the bathroom when my brother and his family arrived.  It was nice to see them and one of my nephews who has grown a lot in the few weeks he has been away I get a crick in my neck looking up at him these days.

After they had gone I started and completely stripped the bathroom out scrubbed it clean and then got it back together again and then did various other bits of housework around the house and watered the garden up whereupon I contacted OH to come and collect me.

He had been at work all day and was starving and so I set too and cooked crushed new potatoes liberally dressed with melted butter, shredded sweetheart cabbage and Lincolnshire sausages with onion gravy.  Basically I just cooked the sausages with the onion in a baking tray in a little light olive oil (not much) until nicely browned and then made the gravy with the onions.  It went down extremely well and was very tasty.  Wethen had strawberry trifle for pudding.  All washed down with a Crabbies on ice and it went down a treat.  We have roast pork for tomorow and I got some gooseberries to make a gooseberry crumble for OH served with custard.  Right Demetri has moved in on my lap he is determined the computer does not belong on my lap -he does.  I am a  bit cream crackered and I have a lot to do tomorrow probably gardening based.  I am off to read my book and then to chill out under the ceiling fan and hopefully get some shut eye as I am cream crackered.  Tomorrow is another day.

Hope you are all okay.

Till tommorrow



  1. You give so much of yourself on this blog I am always glad when your updates come.I learn a bit here and there ,but most og all I get a feeling of being normal in a way.Every thing is alright .

  2. Hello Eufemia, I am what I am cannot be any different. For many years I have been made to feel odd because I go to the trouble of putting things by for the winter months so that my family can eat or putting things up in the freezer. Its a way of life that I have been brought up to my mother and my grandmother have both done the same and because I was exposed to this kind of thinking it has become ingrained. I am so pleased though that I have been able to help. There is nothing more reassuring than opening up a cupboard and seeing the jars of jam or bottle preserves lurking within or opening up the freezer and knowing that you do not have to panic at not having enough. That gives you a different type of reassurance. I only started doing little bits but it has built up year by year and at the end of the day you do what you can and what reflects your own particular requirements and needs. When you have food on the table warmth and a roof over you head everything else is a bonus. Take care and thank you for popping by

    Hope to see you here again and if you ever get stuck or want to ask questions fire away.

    Take care




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