Friday, 30 August 2013

Christmas Hoarding

Well I have started the Christmas Food Hoarding.  Most of the dates on the goodies located so far have dates into April 2014 which suits me and gives me a bit more flexibility on time frame which is  a good thing.  These are destined for under the stairs out of the way.  I want to get as much as I can sorted earlier than I did last year so that I can get on when I need to do certain things which are fiddly and need a bit of time spending on them.

Just a few things for starters but the list will increase as I acquire things.  I really should have started with cake ingredients like fruit for the Christmas Cake and Christmas Puddings but hey its about nabbing things whilst I can and whilst things are on offer and more importantly when pennies will allow.  I also have to sort out the Pantry and the Freezer with goodies as well, but that will come in due course.  I am planning on making whatever I can from scratch However I am aiming to get what I can get done so that I am ahead of the game.  Getting the basics done and dusted will help out on time restraints as well which seem to be getting more and more - such is the way when you work full time and have family responsibilities as well as extended family responsibilities as well.  There will be weeks where nothing at all is bought but that is how the cookie crumbles - its a no pressure way of stocking up and equally some weeks there will not be the bargains about in which case I keep the pennies saved to one side until something comes up that I fancy adding to the stash. I thought I would keep a running total of what I acquire and how much I have paid week by week.

So far I have acquired:

Week 1
  1. Box of Crawfords Mixed Family Assortment Biscuits. £3.00
  2. 2 Bags of Cadbury Wishes (profits go to Make a Wish Foundation). £1 for two bags.
  3. 2 Bars of Fairtrade Ghanian Dark Chocolate with Orange and spices. £1.56 bar. £3.12 
  4. 2 Boxes After Eight Mints. £2.00 per box. £4.00
  5. 2 Tubes Pringles (buy 2 for £2.59)
  6. 2 bags x 7 Original Mini Cheddars (£1.89)
  7. 2 x 4 x 2 Packs of Bounty £1.00 per pack = £2.00 
  8. 2 x 3 Packs of Mars Bars @ £1.00 per pack = £2.00
  9. 2 bags mini cheese petit fous @ £1.00 per bag= £2.00
Sub Total £21.48

Will updated again shortly.



P.S. Just to let everyone know that each time I update on my Christmas Hoarding I will update by separate post but you will be able to read the full list of acquisitions on the tab at the top of the page.  Thought it would be easier like this.


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