Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hello Everyone

I have been for the second session of treatment on my ankle today at the hospital.  Last time was uncomfortable today blooming hurt although my ankle is okay,sore but I am walking about on it.  Apparently they got a bit more to the nitty gritty on it today and the more I can bear it the better it will be in the long run.  Last session in a couple of weeks time.  I have had the rest of the day to myself at home.

I have the smell of tomatoes roasting filling the house at the moment I have the first batch of the home made tomato pasta sauce on the go roasting in the oven with rosemary basil some tarragon, thyme, plenty of white pepper, red onion, shallot, garlic.  The smell of summer filling the house for the winter months to come.  I bought 4kg of vine tomatoes  from the veg shop today together with pears for bottling in syrup, plums, and I was given some cherries to turn into something as well.

Tea is roasted mixed vegetables  (onion, red pepper, garlic, courgettes, sweet potato and squash) together with roasted chicken thighs.  Thought it might make a nice light supper.  I am off out this evening and so will not see OH until later on but his tea is ready.  Will be able to finish processing the tomatoes later on.  Smells delicious.

Catch you later



P.S. That's six jars of pasta sauce ready for the put down.  Will have to make more in the weeks to come as well as bottle tomatoes in brine and other goodies.  Think will be doing a scuttle full of Apple sauce as well as it does double duty as a pie filling, use as a sauce etc.  Pears in syrup for tomorrow evening.  Back to work tomorrow.

Catch up sooon



PPS  I thought you might see the results six jars of lovely tomato pasta sauce but you can also use this as a base to a soup or for cooking meatballs in too.  Pasta sauce is something we use a lot of here.  There will be some more batches of this to make in the coming weeks as well as home made ketchups.  I have to put all those bottles to some use.


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  1. Wow you are being productive, I love homemade tomato pasta sauce!


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