Sunday, 11 August 2013

Quick update

Molly and kitz are doing well.  It seems that nature is kicked in and she is being a perfect nursing Queen at the moment.  She is even managing time out for herself is feeding like billio and coming down for regular reassurance and a quick fuss from mum.  We would appear to have three long haired kittens two dark tabbies with fine striping and one coffee/smoke colour with tabby markings around the head.  I have not gone to handle them even though Molly is sharing the kitz with me at the moment and does not mind me having a quick check up with her.  However I was a tad concerned earlier on when she showed no signs of returning to her litter so I walked her upstairs back to the cupboard and she had left Aunty Squeak esconced on the bed watching the litter with beady eyes. It would appear that she has been an excellent kit sitter and all the thanks she got from Molly was a quick hiss and spit as she went by back to her litter where they promptly squeaked at her and all cuddled up. I am worried that the kits will not keep warm although I appreciate she needs time out too.

But so far she seems to be doing extremely well with them despite this being her first litter.

Catch you soon


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