Saturday, 17 August 2013


I have been to my mum's today travelling in by bus quiet in my own thoughts.  The bus service for the Deepings where my mum lives has changed a lot since I was a kid; the buses used to have a conductor or conductress then.  Not so today the driver does it all.  Funny how things change all in the name of progress.

I got off the bus at Market Deeping as the service I had gone on was to Bourne.  Its quite organic my transport routine as I just go to the station to see whichever bus is available after picking up a few things in town before going to mums.  I usually walk from Market Deeping to Deeping St James calling in at the Antiques Centre on the way having a quick look around and then going on to mum's.  This I did today but today I espied some kitchenalia items i.e. a large stone flour crock which came home with me today.  I already have one of these but as I have various different types of flour the more storage I have the better.  I have also had a couple of other items popped up and am hoping to collect them next Saturday whereupon I will if I obtain them pop up a post then. Needless to say there are lots of lovely goodies within their doors.  

Arriving at mum's after an initial cuppa and a natter we then had lunch.  Mum had cooked a  small piece of British ham which was very tasty.  We had it served with fresh cooked beetroot, tomato wedges, some home grown cucumber and then some chip sticks, salad cream and mustard and very simple and very good it was too.

I then set too and started on the conservatory shifting everything out and scrubbing everything including washing and polishing the windows, and polishing the furniture and scrubbing the floor.  It was hard work but I love everything coming up nice and clean.  Well that's another room done. And then I have been through the rest of the house with the vaccuum cleaner and filled the watering cans for the greenhouse for the week.

On a lighter note  - Molly moved the kittens this morning I think more on a practical basis than for any other reason where she had given birth to them was quite narrow and now they have popped on some weight she cannot squeeze in to cuddle feed them.  So she has moved them out of the cupboard and moved them under the table so she can curl round them and keep them warm.

I a officially shattered and am off to bed to get comfy and hopefully have a goodnight's sleep.  I have tomorrow on my own as OH is working.

Catch up soon.




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    1. Thank you Kimmie sending Hugs right back to you too



  2. You have worked hard. I too have big old earthenware jars for storing my dry goods in. I hope you asked for the antique shop's "best price" on your crock! There is usually quite a mark up!

  3. Hi BB

    My sister in law used to be a regular doing the car boots and she took me car booting and got me addicted. That was the first lesson always ask what the best price is even if you do not think that you will get anything extra on the basis of nothing ventured nothing gained. I think I have been well trained on that score but thank you for pointing out. I have saved a few pennies over the years doing this and found some real bargains as well.

    Take care




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