Sunday, 22 September 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 3

This week I have bought a few little extras to ostensibly add to the Christmas Hoard but which in practice will go into the general pantry too. There is not a lot but what I could afford to do this week, but it is probably more than someone else has been able to do.  I know I am very lucky compared to some, and I just do what I can do, paying for it a little at a time  going without other things in an effort to have the ingredients available when I come to bake instead of having to run around ragged come Christmas trying to find ingredients in the melee of the Christmas rush.  I have done that been there and worn the sweatshirt these days I want more balance in my life so I try and do a bit at a time.   As I have indicated before I tend to actually make the bulk of stuff myself so therefore somewhere along the line you do have to have the basics already in or to just top up those items that you would normally readily have to hand.  

This week I have purchased:
  • 2 Packets of Hovis Digestive Biscuits.
  • 1 jar of Chinese Stem Ginger in Syrup.(plan to get some more)
  • 1 jar of Beef Dripping.
  • 2 packets of blanched hazlenuts. (plan to get some more).
  • 1 packet x 15 leaves sets up to two pints of liquid of leaf gelatine (plan to get some more).
  • 1 Packet of pretty muffin cases.
  • 2 Bottles of light olive oil.

The Hovis Digestive biscuits we use as a cracker for cheese and pickle.  They are shaped like little mini Hovis loaves and they are delicious.

Stem Ginger in syrup I use this for puddings and baking as well as in Stir fries.  Wherever you would use ginger and you can use the syrup too.

The beef dripping will come in useful for chips and crisps, and making pastry for pasties and meat pies..

Blanched Hazlenuts for baking, cookies, making praline adding to chocolate or home made sweets and ice cream, making your own chocolate and hazlenut spread. I love nuts of all descriptions.

I usually try and keep leaf gelatine in as it comes in so handy for making your own jellies, panacottas which come Christmas are simple to prepare but which look simple and stunning on the table when entertaining; when you have a lot to do 

Pretty Muffin cases to use when making

Two bottles of light olive oil for use in salads and general cooking.

I have also been eyeing up the dried fruit as I want this not only for baking and the Christmas Cake and the Christmas pudding  but also for making my own breakfast cereal combinations like muesli and granola as well as the ever old faithful home made porridge.  They are simple to make and you get a lot more for you money than the store bought versions and they charge a lot for them in the shops, but equally it can make a nice pressie for a friend for Christmas especially if you package it with a nice breakfast tea and a marmalade.

Right I have to get on I have a bag of elderberries to prepare.

Catch up again soon.



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